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Changing Puppet Masters

As users of puppet, occasionally we need to migrate nodes from one master to another. In my case I’m decommissioning my old puppet server having stood up a new one, as a part of my “migrate home” project. I ran into a couple of minor issues, but this is essentially the process for moving a …

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Migrating Home

My “Personal Project” for a long time has been small web/mail hosting, primarily for myself. For the last year or more I’ve achieved this with a group of small VPS services. It started out back in 2008, I think, with a 256MB Xen machine, hosted by ezVPS (no longer in business). Eventually I picked up …

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Test Case Web

[notice]FAIR WARNING: At time of writing, this software hadn’t been fully tested. During the tests I have found a large number of SQL injection issues with this code that I have patched on my system, and will continue to patch as I check over the package. In the next few days I’ll make a useful …

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Moving MySQL Users and Databases

Occasionally, as part of my day-to-day duties, we migrate users from one shared hosting server to another. In general we use the cPanel/WHM “Transfer account” feature. On occasion, this doesn’t work quite right and manual interventions must be made. When the Transfer Account feature breaks a user account, it’s annoying. Usually most of the transfer …

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Hello world!

It’s a startlingly appropriate title for this blog. Here’s the deal. I am a Jr. Systems Administrator. I work for a company that provides hosting services, anything from shared web-space to multiple-cabinets of colocation space. If you have a hosting need, chances are we can meet it. But this blog isn’t about my employer. It …

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