Don’t Panic

The noise your phone makes on an alert-based SMS.

The ringtone when the office is calling.

“Waiting for controller to initialize” hangs on startup.

Don’t panic. The key to resolving any issue quickly is to slow down and think it through.

I had this this morning. Two new servers were installed on my desk and bench tested without issue. Then they were put in a car and transported to another datacenter, racked, patched and powered on. The first was fine, no issues. Second hung initializing the 3ware RAID controller.

The issue was really quick to resolve. Pulled the card, pulled the riser, reseated the riser, reseated the card. System booted.

Don’t panic.

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  1. Good Lord!… reminds me of the 386 days. Things are supposed to not need to be pulled and re-seated anymore… Of course, Windows 101 still applies: “Have you turned it off and then turned it back on?”

    Thanks for the tip, though… helped me! Take care!

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