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Nov 16

Logitech Modifier Keys for Mac

I started a new job last month, and they issued me a MacBook Pro — the other choice was a smaller Windows laptop, and since I prefer the *nix environment I chose the Mac. I could make plenty of arguments or even just observations, since it’s been close to ten years since I last used …

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Oct 23

Bugs in limits

I came across a new one yesterday; well, not really a new one, but a not particularly well documented one. It seems to be a problem that was found in CentOS 5, and has at least on some level persisted into Cent 6 as well. The problem as noted stems from attempting to raise the …

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Apr 12

Foreman on Debian – Install issues

A few weeks ago I noticed that as a result of an upgrade, puppet-dashboard had removed itself from the system it ran on. No big deal, I wasn’t really using it and it put a number of more important packages on the removal list if I made the required changes to keep it.┬áSince then I’ve …

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Dec 12

Nagios 4 on Ubuntu 13.10

Last night I installed Nagios 4 on an Ubuntu 13.10 VM running on my VMWare ESXi machine. I followed through the steps listed here, which worked overall: I did run into a small number of issues which should be documented for anyone trying this on a later install of Ubuntu, but raymii isn’t allowing …

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Jul 16

Changing Puppet Masters

As users of puppet, occasionally we need to migrate nodes from one master to another. In my case I’m decommissioning my old puppet server having stood up a new one, as a part of my “migrate home” project. I ran into a couple of minor issues, but this is essentially the process for moving a …

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May 10

Moving MySQL Users and Databases

Occasionally, as part of my day-to-day duties, we migrate users from one shared hosting server to another. In general we use the cPanel/WHM “Transfer account” feature. On occasion, this doesn’t work quite right and manual interventions must be made. When the Transfer Account feature breaks a user account, it’s annoying. Usually most of the transfer …

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