March 2014 archive

Employee Satisfaction

I have this theory which roughly states that an employees loyalty to a company is directly proportional to their satisfaction level. This seems obvious, but there are many things which apply to this which aren’t often taken into account, because the number one thing we consider is remuneration – I think this is wrong. Sure, …

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RAID vs. Backup

Occasionally you hear the words “I don’t need backup, I have RAID!” or similar phrases. You may have even used them yourself once or twice.¬†They are not the same. Though both are intended to maintain uptime, they perform two different functions which serve two different purposes. Both of them are defense mechanisms against disaster, but …

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Centralized Logging

We all know how important logs are, I use them regularly to find why the automated firewall blocked an IP address or to figure out an error in the apache config or the problem with the Asterisk phone tree. I also know that our network engineers use them to identify problems with switches or routers …

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