April 2016 archive

Upgrading OwnCloud (or, keep up to date to avoid issues)

It turns out that OwnCloud is a finicky piece of software. After being defeated in my attempts to update, I grew determined to win. Premise: We have a CentOS 6 x64 server running OC, v7.0.2. Current release is 9.0.1, but OC doesn’t support direct upgrades between major versions, and it wasn’t even as simple as …

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Why do I need my own backups?

“My provider already has them,” “It’s not that important, anyway,” “backup tools are (too hard|too expensive|too complicated|not possible in my environment).” “Everyone wants restore, no-one wants backup.” AdminZen, Part 6, Backups, point 1. Too many times recently I’ve seen excuses like the above for not having backups, followed shortly by long tirades about how it’s …

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